Multi-Grade THC Distillate

Cannabis Distillate:

Elite Cannabis Distillation is a post-processing extraction technique designed to concentrate and purify THC or accessory cannabinoids for further formulation work. Elite Refinement Processes can create THC distillate purities over 95% for vape, edible and topical applications.

Our process takes a raw extract (sometimes called “crude” oil) from the cannabis plant (first extracted via ethanol, CO2 or BHO methods) and then removes plant lipids, terpenes, and other compounds through fractional distillation. The result is a pure THC distillate fluid with high concentration and purity.

Elite Distillation Services:

Bulk Distillation – Elite offers large scale refinement of raw “crude” extract into a high concentration THC distillate.

Distillate Refining – Need to take a distillate from low concentrations to high concentration? Elite can purify, refine and concentrate distillate material greater than 95%.    

Distillate Remediation – Often in the formulation process accidents happen like mixing in too many terpenes or adding the wrong viscosity agent. Elite offers remediation services that removes impurities and takes material back to the original starting point.