Elite Molecular is a large scale cannabis oil extraction and manufacturing facility. Elite Extraction Services help to maximize the value of your cannabis crop; turning flower into live resin, water leaves and trim to distillate, remediating oxidized extracts or purifying and reconcentrating previously formulated material.

We make the following products:

  • Multi-Grade Distillate (B to AAA)
  • Live Resin
  • Large Scale Hash & Diamonds
  • Cannabinoid Derivatives (CBN, CBDa, THCv etc)
  • Cannabis Terpenes

We provide the following services:

  • Toll Processing of Trim, Whole Plant & Fresh Frozen
  • Oil Remediation Services (Reconcentration, Purification, Oxidation removal & Reformulation of previously extracted material)
  • Distillate Purification & Concentration

Elite Molecular’s TYPE 7 manufacturing and extraction facility is designed to create a wide array of cannabis oil and cannabis derivatives. Additional value-add capabilities include crystallization, micro encapsulation, decarboxylation, and purification of different cannabis compounds for direct input into a multitude of products.

Cannabis Extraction

High Terpene Extract

Bulk Cannabis Crude

Multi-Grade THC Distillate

Value Add Capabilities



Cannabinoid Derivatives

White Label Product Manufacturing

Cartridge & Vape Pen Filling

Bottling Automation

Cannabis Strain Supply Chain

Hardware & Packaging Supply Sourcing