How We Can Help:

Elite Molecular is California’s gold standard in cannabis oil manufacturing. Our mission is to make the highest quality oils and extracts that go into award winning products.

Elite is one of the top cannabis oil producers in the USA with a fully licensed CA Type 7 volatile extraction facility. We supply distillate, high terpene live resin, cannabis crystals and a variety of cannabinoid products along with OEM product manufacturing services. We have three guiding principles: trust, transparency, and professionalism which guide our work and business.

Cannabis Toll Processing

Our bulk Type 7 oil extraction facility makes a range of extracts from AAA grade distillate, high terpene live resin extract, to crystals and volatile terpenes.

We process oil for farmers looking to preserve their crop, brands looking to make consistent products, and wholesalers looking for long term oil contracts.

OEM Manufacturing

Our integrated team melds expertise in product design, engineering, and supply chain with a start-up spirit.

Elite’s leaders possess a shared purpose and vision to address some of the most daunting challenges in the Cannabis Market.

Our unique automation capabilities challenge conventional thinking and take what we can accomplish together to the next level.

Business & Product Consultation

We work side-by-side with business leaders, artists, and industry experts to launch products with the highest probability of success.

Solving the toughest product problems in the cannabis market will require deep collaboration and partners that understand current challenges and are willing to look at a problem differently.

From product formulation to selecting hardware to establishing supply chain for your products, Elite helps develop products that make your business thrive.